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GRE Bible is packed with everything you need to know about the new GRE Test. It is the most accurate and authentic source for test prep that gives you innumerable test questions to practice with. Let GRE Bible be the guiding force that leads you to the destination you covet.

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  • Guaranteed GRE score of 330 and above
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Cost of GREBible

  • 19 US Dollars
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  • 1100 Indian Rupees

What we offer?

GRE Bible is the most authoritative preparation software for the revised GRE Test available for download at just INR 1100/- or USD 19.

Why GRE Bible?

  1. Each question type is accompanied by detailed explanations. GRE Bible provides powerful tips and techniques on how to avoid traps and arrive at the correct solution in one attempt.
  2. Verbal, Quantitative and Essay Workouts are sub divided on the basis of strategies involved in answering them correctly and illustrated with suitable examples.
  3. The GRE Bible consists of two Verbal Reasoning - Test Banks and two Quantitative Reasoning Test Banks. All possible GRE questions types are covered in these tests. At the end of each test, you can view your result chart and review your own performance.
  4. The Vocabulary Bible is a very useful tool for improving GRE vocabulary. It has a total of 100 wordlists that cover 3000 master GRE words. The words are given as part of quizzes and vocabulary games so as to keep them interesting. Our extensive GRE Vocabulary list features key terms that show up in the actual tests and exercises to help you retain them.
  5. The Special Focus section has been specially designed for those who need additional practice for GRE Math: Probability, Permutations, Statistics and Geometry. Important terms are defined, lessons enunciated and tutorials given on important concepts for each section.
  6. Five full GRE CAT Tests have been provided as a part of GRE Bible. At the end of the test, the user can go through a performance review as well as correct answer explanations.
  7. The GRE Bible also provides you with the necessary information for the next steps to be taken once you have belled the cat. After GRE section helps you with your Statement of Purpose, Recommendation Letter, Application Checklist, University Selection, Visa Guidance, and Financial Aid. This unique feature is provided by no one else in the test prep industry.

Instant download! Download begins the moment your payment is made.

GRE Bible Software is compatible with versions of Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and XP.

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  • Vocabulary Kit: Demo of Vocabulary Bible - teaches you 150 power words
  • Formulae Kit: Crack GRE Quants with our list of essential formulae
  • Essay Kit: Polish your essay writing skills with 5 argument and 5 Issue essay solutions