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  • Vocabulary Kit
  • Formula Kit
  • Essay Kit
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Vocabulary Kit: Highlights

Five wordlists with 30 words each!

  • Usage of words exemplified by sentences
  • Retention exercises of 5 different levels
  • Game-based study to keep up your interest
  • Free demo of our Vocabulary Bible

Vocabulary Kit

Working on your word stock is the single most effective way to improve your Verbal score at the GRE test. Knowledge of words - both commonplace and unusual - will come in handy during sentence completion, analogies, synonyms-antonyms and reading comprehension. If you know all the words on the answer choices, you will be able to complete the section easily within time.

Memorizing vocabulary lists is not just a stressful task but also a useless exercise as it doesn't help in the long run. Without context, it is very difficult to remember unfamiliar words and even more difficult to recall them in the tense setting of an examination. Do not waste your time and energy by rote-learning words. Our Vocabulary Kit shows how you can learn, understand and retain words, their meanings and usage in a sentence through 5 levels of learning with the help of games.

Our game-based methods include making use of mnemonics, flash cards and other methods of learning by association. Commit words to your vocabulary and not your memory. Our Vocabulary Kit is just a small demo of what GRE Bible contains.

Formula Kit: What is different about it?

  • It's a mini-kit for all Quant formulas
  • It explains how the formulas are to be applied through examples
  • It is a sneak-peek into our GRE Bible Quant section

Formula Kit

GRE Math Section may take many forms, but the questions belong to one or more of these broadly classified areas: Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and Data analysis. It is a good idea to remember all the fundamental formulas from these subject areas. On the other hand, not knowing these formulas may seriously hurt your chances at the actual test. You may end up wasting time solving a problem without knowing the formula or may answer a question incorrectly - very perilous.

Knowing the formulas is not enough in itself. You must understand how to apply them. Formulas must be practiced repeatedly to ensure that you know for certain when they pertain to a question. GRE Formula Kit is a very useful cheat sheet as it provides a sample problem with every formula listed. Instead of losing yourself in the variable, you receive the understanding with clarity. It can act as a reference kit for you to carry around at all time, except at the examination center, of course!

The Formula Kit is just a handy guidebook. For real and rigorous practice sessions, read about our complete software - The GRE Bible. Practice and polish your quant skills and boost your confidence for the impending GRE Test.

Formula Kit

  • Ten 6-score sample essays, free!
  • Essays based on real GRE questions
  • Exercises your creative faculties when you read through the samples
  • Gives you a fair idea of where you stand in the competition
  • Motivates you to prepare for this important section

The GRE essay section prep is often ignored by students. This is unfortunate as a little bit of preparation can go a long way in up scaling your overall GRE scores. Since you will have only 30 minutes to plan, work out and write your essay. It is highly imperative that you practice enough and work out a format that works best for you in a limited period. Learn to structure your response according to the six sets of instructions with our 6-score essays.

Our Essay Kit will give you a real idea of the GRE benchmark and help you work out the challenges. Pick up hints and tips from our 6-score essays to understand how to interpret an issue or argument and structure your response. Our essays will also widen your perspective and make you more perceptive to essay prompts.

Self-assessment goes a long way in improving your writing skills. Reading through the samples will give you a fair idea of where you stand now and how far you have to go to attain the best possible score. Good readers make good writers, so reading and re-reading the essays will exercise your creative faculties to help you deliver your best.